All good things start with sugar

Hi! I’m Abby, Owner and Founder of Poppy Cakes. Poppy cakes patisserie started from a childhood dream and as life went on grew into a full time passion. Everything that comes out of our store is sentimental to my childhood. I grew up loving to bake for my family, I would wake up before everyone just so I could surprise them all with cookies in the morning. Now at this point I couldn’t read let alone read a recipe so they didn’t always turn out…. But I kept trying, learning, and loving to bake.

After College, the idea of starting poppy cakes had been planted in the hopes of one day owning my own shop. At first it was something I would do part time after work only taking on a few orders, then having to go part time at my “real” job so I had time to work on orders at home. After I had my daughter I went all in and decided to take this on full time and eventually getting too big to run out of my home. Poppy Cakes truly is the seed of a dream that has been cultivated into what it is today.